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We specialize in Pasta which we make on the premises daily using whole eggs. Drop in and pick up our daily fresh pasta or order 48 hrs in advance and pick up your favourite.

Rotating fresh pasta from: Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Fusilli, Shells, Ziti, Angel Hair, Bucatini, Macaroni, Linguini, Lasagne sheets, Amori, Fiori, Campanelle.              100g $2.50

48 hours notice on below speciality pasta

Spinach Fettuccini   100g $4.00

Corzetti   (made fresh, flash frozen) 100g $5.00

Tortellini (made fresh, flash frozen)  100g $6.00

Pasta Sauce;   

Marinara Sauce,  small: $6.00 large: $9.00

Bolognese Sauce, small: $10.00 large: $16.00


pizza 3.jpg

With our daily made dough, house sauce, and fresh toppings; Porto pizza is easy to enjoy.  Porto pizza is available for take out, make your own, or frozen.

Pizza Dough     $5.00

Frozen Pizza, sold in packs of 2.

Cheese Pizza (2 pizza pack) $20.00

Pepperoni Pizza (2 pizza pack) $22.00

Prosciutto Pizza (2 pizza pack)  $24.00



Porto Osteria makes their bread fresh every day.  Porto bread, which is based off a 5 year old starter, is pagnotta, it is a white peasant loaf.   We produce loaves, buns and sandwich buns from pagnotta.  Our Baguettes are  also from our sour dough starter, and are a traditional baguette.  

Bread Loaf   $10.00

Buns,  packs of 6, $8.50

Sandwich buns, packs of 2,  $5.00

Baguette    $6.00

Porto made croutons 100g  $4.00

Porto made crostini's , pack 10 - 15 (depending on size)   $4.00


Olive Tapenade        125 ml     $6.50

Caesar Salad Dressing  125 ml  $6.50

Red Wine Vinaigrette  125 ml  $4.50

Sicilian Olives 375mL $10.00

Olive Oil Italissima 1L $18.00

Balsamic Vinegar 500mL  $15.00