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Pasta Diet

Only three steps to this simple and effective diet.

With an Italian accent say the below out loud.

  1. Walk-a pasta the bakery;

  2. Walk-a pasta the ice cream shop;

  3. Walk-a pasta the refrigerator;

The weight will melt off.

Why do we love pasta so much, could be in our genes. Pasta has been around for a long time, there is evidence of an Etrusco-Roman noodle made from the same durum wheat used in todays pasta. As well pasta, of some sort, can be found in every culture.

Do not resist, it is the ultimate soul food.

The pinnacle of pasta is fresh egg pasta, once you enjoy fresh pasta made and cooked the same day you can be assured that you will rethink notions of what good pasta is.

Vancouver Island Pasta makes fresh pasta to be enjoyed at home or in our restaurant, Porto Osteria. Our pasta is available during our operating hours, and it is so very worth visiting our Canoe Cove Restaurant, where you can "Walk-a pasta the marina" and come in to see us!

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