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Corzetti, now part of the Porto Osteria experience

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Extending the Corzetti Tradition from the 14th century

Corzetti originated in Liguria, in Northern Italy along the border with France, during the middle ages. The name itself derives from a 14th century Genoan coin, the corzetto. There are different kinds of corzetti. Those from the Val Polcevera, one of the principal valleys of the area of Genoa are made in "figure of eight" shape. Elsewhere curzetti stampae (“pressed” or “stamped” corzetti) are found. These are small, thin rounds of pasta that are given an embossed decoration using a special wooden hand-tool. The embossing helps the pasta to hold its sauce better. Corzetti are still produced in small batches near Genoa. In the past they were made by local peasants and used by aristocratic families as a display of wealth and status. Corzetti almost disappeared in the last century but a few dedicated artists are bringing it back. The pasta typically has patterns on both sides, with an intricate design on one side and a simpler pattern on the other. Whereas they once featured a family coat of arms, the fancier side now features a regional coat of arms or the maker's trademark. Typical symbols on the other side are a cross (from which the name croxetti derives), fruit, family initials, mortar and pestle, sunsets, sailboats, or palm trees. You can now find fresh made Corzetti as part of our evening meal.


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