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An Evening in Veneto

The Veneto is one of Italy’s most prized regions. With the enchanting cities of Venice and Verona to the south, both world-renowned for their romance, and the sweeping Dolomites bordering the north, Veneto is a feast for the eyes and heart alike. It also offers a feast in the traditional sense, with seasonal produce and farm fresh ingredients year round. In addition, the Veneto is one of the first regions in Italy to move viniculture to a new level.

In the sixteenth century the Republic of Venice experienced a sharp decline in maritime trade due to the discovery of the Americas, which made Spain, Portugal and England the new maritime powers. No longer able to depend upon the sea for commercial purposes, wealthy merchants of Venice looked to the countryside and the cultivation of grapes, raising the quality of wines to make the Veneto one of the premier regions in Italy, and the world. The Veneto’s cuisine is as varied as its geography, and while the emphasis has often been on seafood due to its proximity to the Mediterranean, there is so much more that makes the food of the Veneto exciting.

Porto Osteria Wednesday, June 30th , we will celebrate the food and drink of the Veneto region. Chefs Graden Dej and Bo Ilies have created a five-course menu inspired by the region, with wine pairings for each course chosen by our sommelier.

Please enjoy the below slides.

Food of Veneto, 5 course $80.00/pp

Antipasto Primo

Eye of Round Beef Carpaccio Salad, on a bed of Lettuce with Lemon and Parmegiano Reggiano

Antipasto Secondo

Steamed Local Honey Mussels Gratinato, with Onion, Garlic, bread crumbs, and Mozzarella


Beetroot Pasta, with Parmegiano Reggiano and Shaved Beetroot


Housemade Buccatini with Lamb Ragù


Raspberry Tiramisu

Wine Pairings of Veneto, 5 course $70.00/pp

Antipasto Primo

Campari Sour: A favorite of Harry’s Bar in Venice, the Campari Sour offers delicious bittersweet flavours that balance the richness of the thinly sliced beef perfectly.

Antipasto Secondo

Santome Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut: With notes of citrus, green apple and pear on the palate, and a touch of residual sugar, this prosecco is a perfect match for the saltiness of the mussels and creaminess of the mozzarella.


Friulano DOC, Villa Locatelli, 2018: A signature varietal from the region, Friulano is an ideal pairing for the beet tortellini. The minerality of the wine is a great complement to the earthy flavour of the beets, while notes of honey, ripe melon and nectarine fruit offers a delicious contrast to this rustic dish.


Amarone della Valpolicella, Ca Rugate, 2014: Amarone and lamb stew are a classic pairing. Known for its bittersweet flavor and high alcohol, Amarone is characterized by notes of cocoa and dark fruit, and the smooth tannins complement the acidity of the ragù beautifully.


Grappa Bianca, Alexander 2018: Grappa Alexander is made from fermented skins, stems and seeds of grapes used to make wine. Intense, and strong, this grappa has hints of berries on the nose that are a perfect match the raspberries in the tiramisu, while notes of hazelnut on the finish combine with the chocolate on the palate to create flavors of gianduja – one of the Italy's finest chocolate that led to the creation of Nutella.

Developed and presented by Michael Coughlin

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